IYA 2009 Inauguration



Inauguration of one year long celebrations of International year of Astronomy organised by Academy of Physics Teachers (APT) , Kerala in association with Dept. of Physics, St. Berchman’s College , Changanassery by

Prof. Christopher Adam Tout,
University of Cambridge
Institute of Astronomy
The Observatories
Venue: S. B. College, Changanassery

Date & Time : Friday 29-08-08 at 10.00am



Dear friends,

As you know UNESCO has decided to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy globally and its contribution to science and culture, highlighted by the 400th anniversary of the first use of an astronomical telescope by Galileo Galilei. The aim of the year is to stimulate worldwide interest, especially among young people in astronomy and science under the central theme “ The Universe, Yours to Discover.” IYA 2009 events and activities will promote a greater appreciation of the inspirational aspects of astronomy that embody an invaluable shared resource for all nations. The IYA 2009 activities will take place at the global and regional levels and especially at the national and local levels.

Academy of Physics Teachers, Kerala has decided to celebrate IYA2009 throughout Kerala in association with Department of Physics S.B. College, Changanassery. The formal inauguration of these activities will be held at S.B. College, Changanassery on 29th August 2008 at 10.00 am by world renowned Astrophysicist Prof. Christopher Adam Tout, University of Cambridge. All Physics teachers and students are cordially invited to attend the function.
The major goals of IYA2009 are;
  1. Increase scientific awareness.
  2. Promote widespread access to new knowledge and observing experiences.
  3. Empower astronomical communities in developing countries.
  4. Support and improve formal and informal science education.
  5. Provide a modern image of science and scientist.
  6. Facilitate new networks and strengthen existing ones.
  7. Improve the gender balanced representations of scientist at all levels and promote greater involvement by underrepresented minorities in scientific and engineering fields.
  8. Facilitate the preservations and protection of the world’s cultural and natural heritage of dark skies in place such as urban oases, natural parks and astronomical sciences.
Dr. Stephen Mathews
Principal , S.B. College.
Organising Committee - Chairman

Prof. L. Godfrey
President APT,
Organising Committee - Vice Chairman

Prof. E. G. Gopalakrishna Panicker,
Head, Dept. Of Physics,
N.S.S. Hindu College, Changanassery.
Convener, APT IYA 2009 Celebrations

Venue: S.B. College, Changanassery

Registration : 9.00 am (No fee for registration)


Welcome speech: Prof. L. Godfrey, President, APT.

Presidential address: Dr. Stephen Mathews, Principal, S.B. College,Changanssery.

IYA 2009 Celebrations briefing : Dr. Jose Mathew, Programme coordinator, IYA Celebrations.

Academy of Physics Teachers, Kerala: A brief report.
Dr. R. Jayaprakash, Secretary, APT

Inauguration of IYA2009 :

Prof. Christopher Adam Tout, University of Cambridge
Felicitations :
1. Dr. George C. Chennattucherry, Head, Dept. of Physics, S. B. College, Changanassery.
2. Prof. Chandhuvenugopal, Director, SPAP, Mahatma Gandhi University.
3. Dr. P. J. Kurien, S. B. College, Changanssery.
4. Mrs. G. Geetha, Vice President, APT.
5. Prof. Ramesh Babu, Member IUCAA, IYA Celebration Committee.
6. Dr. Sajith Ninan, Dept. of Physics, St. Thomas College, Changanssery.

Vote of thanks: Prof. E. G. Gopalakrishna Panicker

Introducing the Chief Guest: Dr. Suresh V. Vettoor, Former Secretary, APT



Invited Talk by Prof. Christopher Adam Tout
Organising Committee APT IYA2009 Celebrations:

Chairman: Dr. Stephen Mathews, Principal, S.B. College, Changanassery.

Vice Chairman: Prof. L. Godfrey, President, APT

Convener: Prof. E.G. Gopalakrishna Panicker, Joint Secretary, APT

Programme Co-ordinator: Dr. Jose Mathew, Treasurer, APT

1. Dr. George C. Chenattuserry
2. Dr. P.J.Kurien
3. Dr. George Varghese
4. Dr. R. Jayaprakash
5. Mrs. G. Geetha
6. Prof. Rames Babu
7. Dr. N. Shaji
8. Dr. Titus K. Mathew
9. Dr. Sajith K. Ninan
10. Dr. Suresh V. Vettoor