Past Programmes

The Academy of Physics Teachers takes great interest in conducting short term courses, seminars and workshops in various newly introduced topics of the syllabus for the benefit of its members at different centers in Kerala in accordance with rules 5.1 and 5.5 of its Constitution. This is to keep them updated and equipped with the recent developments in physics.

The following is a list of academic activities conducted by the academy of physics teachers at various colleges since its formal launching.



Resource persons
Digital Electronics, Microprocessors
Maharajas College Ernakulam
16,23 Oct.1999
Dr. G. Ambika
Dr. L. Godfrey
Mr. T.K. Ramankutty
S.B. College Changanassery
20,21 Nov.1999
Dr. George Varghese
Dr. L. Godfrey
Prof. M. J. James
Dr. Jacob Mathew
Crystalline Materials, Microprocessors
S.N.M. College Maliankara
11 Feb. 2000
T. Kesavan Vellikulangara
Dr. M.A. Ittyachen
Dr. L. Godfrey
Information Technology
S.P.A.P. M.G.University
3-5 April 2000
17-19 April2000
Dr. L. Godfrey
Dr. L. Godfrey
Er. Leena Mary
Er. Premson Y
Er. Santhosh S. Mathews
K.E. College Mannanam
18,19,20 Sept.2000
P. T. Kurian
Dr. V .P. N. Nampoori
Dr. N.V. Unnikrishnan
Digital Signal Processing
St. Xavier’s College Aluva
21,22,23 Sept.2001
V. C. Annamma
Er. Reju V.G.
Dr. Gopika Kumari
Non Linear Dynamics
St. Teresa’s College Ernakulam
21,22,29 Sept.2001
Dr. Annie Joseph
Dr. V. M. Nandakumaran
Dr. G. Ambika
Digital Signal Processing
K.E. College Mannanam
2,6,20 Oct.2001
P. T. Kurian
Er. Reju P.G.
Er. Manju Biju Manuel
Non Linear Dynamics
S.B. College Changanassery
2,13.20 Oct.2001
Dr. George C. Chennattussery
Dr. V.M. Nandakumaran
Dr. Vincent Mathew
Linked Cluster Expansion (Statistical Mechanics)
St.Teresa’s College Ernakulam
2 March 2002
Dr. Annie Joseph Vallamattam
Dr. N. Shaji
Quantum Mechanics
Baselius College Kottayam
9,13 March 2002
V. V. Mathew
Dr. K. P. Satheesh
Group Theory
Baselius College Kottayam
12,13 March 2002
V. V. Mathew
Dr. V. C. Kuriakose
Computational Physics
Maharaja’s College Ernakulam
2,3,4 Dec. 2002
V. A. Annie
Dr. N. Shaji
Dr. G. Ambika
Dr. K.S. Sebastian
Introduction to Q.F.T
Maharaja’s College Ernakulam
8,9 Jan. 2003
Dr. G. Ambika
MSc Physics Experiments
K.E. College Mannanam
8,9,10 Jan.2004
P. T. Kurian
Dr. Sebastian Mathew
Dr. Jacob Mathew





The academy of Physics Teachers conducts talent search examinations every year to select young talents in the field of physics and budding scientists in accordance with rule 5.11 of its Constitution. Each year, a Board is constituted by the Executive Committee of the Academy for conducting the examination. The Examination Board first frames the guidelines for the smooth conduct of the examination and then announces the examination. Usually, the examination is conducted in two phases: written examination and an interview. Only ten to thirty toppers in the written test are called for the interview. The questions for the written test are prepared confidentially by an expert nominated by the Board. The interview is conducted by a panel of subject experts with long experience and deep knowledge in physics. From among the candidates called for the interview, three are selected and graded in the order of merit. They are given fabulous prizes and merit certificates and opportunities to use the facilities of major physics laboratories in Kerala during their course of study. The rest are given merit certificates as a mark of encouragement.

 The following is a list of examinations conducted by the academy so far, since its birth.

Dates of Exam
Chairman of the board
Panel of Experts
Dr. George Varghese
Dr. M. A. Ittyachen
Prof. O.S. Sebastian
Prof. P.T. Kurian
Jebin J. Joseph
Meera Ramachandran
Sreejith M
Dr. K.G. Nair
Dr. V.P.N. Nampoori
Dr. M.A. Ittyachen
Dr. G.Ambika
Aby Hanna Varghese
Saju M.S.
Rajesh Ramachandran
Dr. K.G. Nair
Dr. V.P.N. Nampoori
Dr. Jacob Philip
Praveen P
Praveen R
Aravind Sachivan
June 2003
Prof. K.J. Antony
Dr. K.P. Harikrishnan
Prof. U. Ravindranath
Deepak K.S.
Anoop Mohan
Rifzana Fathima - Anwarshah
To be announced




The Academy of Physics Teachers boldly initiated the works that eventually ended up in the re-structuring of the Post Graduate curriculum and syllabus of the Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam. This had become an immediate necessity as the students who would join the course were studying a re-structured under graduate curriculum. APT constituted a steering committee under the convener ship of Dr. G. Ambika, Reader, Maharaja’s College Ernakulam. About thirty experienced teachers participated voluntarily and readily in this exercise. Healthy discussions were held at various levels, a large number of good books were freely referred, a good number of experts were consulted, syllabi of different Universities were compared and finally a draft syllabus was prepared and was submitted to the Board of Studies of the University for favorable recommendation.

The following members of the Academy were seriously consulted in this process.

  1. Dr. M.A. Ittyachen, Former President of APT and Director, SPAP, M.G. University.
  2. Dr. Jacob Philip, Professor of Physics CUST.
  3. Dr. V.M. Nandakumaran, Professor of Physics CUSAT.
  4. Dr. V.P.N. Nampoori, Professor of Physics CUSAT.
  5. Dr. Dr. K.P. Satheesh, Govt. College Kottayam.
  6. Dr. N.V.Unnikrishnan, Reader in Physics, SPAP, M.G. University.
  7. Dr. L. Godrey, Reader in Physics, SPAP, M.G. University.
  8. Dr. C.P. Girijavallabhan, Professor of Physics, ISP, CUSAT.
  9. Dr. G. Vinod, Lecturer, S.S. College Kalady.
  10. Dr. George Varghese, S.B. College, Changanassery.
  11. Dr.Shaji N. Lecturer, Maharaja’s College Ernakulam.

The draft syllabus was accepted by the Board of Studies (P. G.) in Physics of the Mahatma Gandhi University which was chaired by Dr. M. A. Ittyachen. The Board of Studies went through the draft of the syllabus, prepared copies of the modified draft and circulated them among the teachers in physics at different colleges for healthy discussions. The representatives of teachers were called to a three day workshop by the BOS to discuss the various aspects of the syllabus and curriculum before finalsing it.

The restructured syllabus and curriculum was recommended by the BOS to the University. It was finally approved by the University and implemented for study in 2001. The Academy of Physics Teachers proudly presents this unique achievement, not heard of in any other Indian Universities.

The following members of the BOS in Physics of M.G. University need special mention for their kind regards to this noted venture of the Academy.

1. Dr. M.A. Ittyachen, Former Director SPAP, Chairman.
2. Mr. P.T. Kurian, HOD of Physics, K.E. College Mannanam, Convener.
3. Mr. Cherian Thomas, St. Stephen’s College, Uzhavoor.