APT Rules


1. Name : The name of the society shall be Academy of Physics Teachers. It shall hereafter be called “the Academy”.

2. Address : The address of the academy shall be “The Academy of Physics Teachers, Department of Physics, Baselius College, Kottayam – 686 001. Kerala.

3. Office : The office of the academy shall be situated at Kottayam, municipal ward no. 11, building no. 282.

4. Area of Operation : The area of operation shall be within the state of Kerala.

5. Objectives :These shall be the primary objectives of the academy.

5.1. To implement programmes for the academic improvement of physics teachers.
5.2. To take up research projects with the assistance from the U.G.C., Universities, Govt. Departments and other agencies.
5.3. To organise extension programmes in the field of physics.
5.4. To promote the idea of conservation of nature and natural resources thereby developing and promoting eco-friendly technology for a better life style.
5.5. To conduct meetings, seminars, symposia, workshops, study tours, exhibition etc.
5.6. To suggest and assist the university bodies both in the formation of physics curricula and syllabi.
5.7. To propose reforms in the examination system and evaluation pattern from time to time.
5.8. To publish and distribute books, journals and periodicals.
5.9. To collect, prepare and propagate literature related to physics.
5.10. To provide suitable teaching and learning aids.
5.11. To organise test and competitions and to distribute prizes and awards to the winners.
5.12. To promote physics journalism through media.
5.13. To co-operate with other agencies having similar objectives.
5.14. To promote and strengthen co-operation and goodwill among physics teachers of colleges and universities in Kerala.

6. Membership

6.1. There shall be three classes of members: regular members, senior members and honorary members.
Regular members
Any teacher with a masters degree in physics and who is approved by any University in Kerala to teach physics in any of the affiliated colleges of the University or in the University Departments, and who agrees with the objectives of the Academy on applying in the prescribed form and on payment of existing membership is eligible for admission as a regular member. All regular members once enrolled would remain so even if he/ she is transferred to other colleges / universities provided there is no membership fee pending against him / her.
Senior members 
Physics teachers who are already retired or those regular members of the Academy on retirement can continue as senior members as long as they pay the membership fee at the existing rate.
Honorary members
Any person who has distinguished himself in the field of physics and / or has contributed in an outstanding manner to objectives of the academy can be conferred with honorary membership. There shall be no prescribed fee for this membership. Such members have no voting right.
6.2. Any member on his/her first entry into the academy on payment of 10 times the current annual membership fee shall be a life member.
6.3. The amount to be paid as admission fee and membership fee shall be fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time subject to approval of the General Body.
6.4. The General Body of Academy shall be composed of regular members and senior members.
6.5. There shall be a list of members with addresses on the rolls of the Academy who are qualified to vote at the General Body meeting and shall bring such list up-to date within a time of 60 days prior to such meeting. The list shall be kept open with the president and the secretary for the inspection by any member of the academy.

7. Management

7.1. The income and property of the Academy when so ever derived shall be applied towards the promotion of the objectives of the Academy and no portion shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profit to the members of the academy.
7.2. Subject to such resolutions the General Body may pass from time to time, the executive management affairs of the academy shall vest in an Executive Committee comprising not more than 15 members. There shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Jt. secretary, Treasurer and 10 other members. Office bearers shall be from regular members only. Among the 10 other members of the executive committee, there shall be minimum two female members and maximum of two senior members. The Executive Editor of the ‘Academy newsletter’ ‘APT Tunes’ shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.
7.3. The executive committee on approval by the General Body shall have the right, to purchase or take on lease or exchange or acquire and hold and also to sell, transfer or lease any movable or immovable property or any right or privileges for the benefit of the academy.
7.4. General Body shall elect the Executive Committee for a period of two years from and among the regular and senior members.
7.5. No office bearer can continue in the same post for more than two consecutive terms
7.6. No two office bearers shall be from the same institution.
7.7. Any Executive Committee member who abstains without apology for three consecutive meetings shall ipso-facto looses his/ her office.
7.8. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in three months to conduct the affairs of the academy. At least seven days notice shall be given for the meeting. The quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be five with at least one office bearer to be present.
7.9. The president shall preside over all the meetings of the Executive Committee and general body. He may direct the secretary to convene the meeting and shall subject to the decision of the executive committee, direct the affairs of the Academy.
7.10. The secretary shall function in accordance with the directions of the president and the Executive Committee. He shall keep the minutes of the meetings and shall be responsible for carrying out all the office work pertaining to the academy.
7.11. The treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of the academy and shall maintain the accounts of it. He shall present the audited accounts at the annual general body meeting. The bank accounts of the academy will be jointly operated by the secretary and treasurer.
7.12. The ultimate authority in all matters relating to the administration of the academy shall be the general body.
7.13. The general body meetings shall be held at least twice in a year preferably with a time gap of six months. The annual General Body meeting shall be held latest by the 30th of June every year at which the annual report and audited accounts and budget shall be considered and approved. Fifteen days notice shall ordinarily be given to all members for the General Body.
7.14. The executive committee on receipt of requisition in writing from a minimum 1/5 of the members with voting right shall at any time call a General Body meeting within one month after receipt of the same.
7.15. The quorum for the General Body meeting shall be 20% of the members with voting right.
7.16. The financial year of the academy shall be from 1st April to the next 31st March every year.

8. Audit

8.1. Two internal auditors who are to be appointed by the General Body shall audit the balance sheet and income and expenditure a/c of the academy. The auditors shall make a report to the members of the academy of the accounts examined and the balance sheet and income and expenditure a/c to be presented before the annual general body meeting of the academy.

9. Amendments

9.1. Amendments can be made from time to time subject to the following conditions.
9.2. All the proposals are to be subjected to proper scrutiny and in-depth deliberations by the Executive Committee.
9.3. The proposals once considered by the Executive Committee are to be sent by the ordinary post under the certificate of posting to all the members with voting rights. The rules regarding time for convening the meeting and the quorum shall be the same as that for any General Body / Executive Committee meetings.
9.4. In case of any tie with regards to taking the final decision, principle of simple majority among the members present shall be applicable.

10. Dissolution

On winding up or dissolution of the academy, 3/5 majority of the members as provided under section 13 of the societies registration act, if there shall remain after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities of the academy any property or money, whatsoever, the same shall be given or transferred to an institution for charitable purpose having similar objectives of the Academy or to the Government of Kerala

11. All provisions of the Travancore-Cochin, literacy, scientific and charitable societies registration Act XII of 1955 will apply to the academy.